unholy terror

'If you're not ready

to die for it,

take the word


out of your vocabulary'.

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Where to start?


When FTP Radio came onto the internet back in 2009, we was setting new trends and styles, carrying out amateur journalism into items such as Illuminati, New World Order, Satanic Ritual Abuse etc.

We had the attention of not only listeners from around the world, but also those individuals

who also expressed an interest in the same field.




Why come back after 7 years off air and in the wilderness?


When Free Thinking Perspective radio kicked off, we started off with an agenda of trying

to inform people of not only world events and its interpretation, but of local events near to us,

which for us personally is London, UK.  

It is the local events and corruption that really affect us all.

So before thinking to tackle items and news globally, we tried to undertake issues locally.

Having a good fan base was great, people understood where we was coming

from and in most parts we were ahead of our time.

Things were going pretty good until we started to tackle a particular topic.

The topic in question was not about the New World Order, Illuminati, Bilderberg or vaccines etc.

The topic in question was Child Abuse / Satanic Ritual Abuse / Social Services & Child Care Institutes.

As soon as we started investigating and started a whole debate of events in Canada

that took place back in the 1950s – 60s, the discovery of mass child graves and

thus government and private agency cover up’s,  to events in the UK and how

Social Services/child care institutes and some charities are nothing more than

breeding grounds for children to be used in Paedophile Rings, Ritual Abuse/Murder

and the UK Police Force is split ie:10% public protection and 90% protecting the

Paedophile Rings and those who use them in High and Political Society.

After we started poking and prodding into these cases and events,

we started to receive threats by email and phone.

We started off as a group of 6 before we entered into the world of investigating Child Abuse on every level, whether it was perverted sick individuals, Paedophile Rings, right up

to High Society within the United Kingdom and Europe.

At that particular time, there was mass suicides taking place in Wales, youngsters taking

their lives for things that we still are not clear about up until this day.

Unfortunately for me, from what started out as a group of 6 strong individuals ranging

from Lawyers, Financial and Engineering sectors taking part in debates, this was to

provide perspectives from a range of angles from those educated from complete variety walks of life.

It was a great concept and it worked.





As soon as the threats started coming in thick and fast, ritual items being left outside our

broadcast office, the numbers slowly but surely decreased from six individuals right down to one.

I tried my best to keep things moving but it was just too much.

Investigating, producing, technical and hosting the shows was never going to be handled by one man.

People should understand this also, I have to earn a living.   I didn’t receiving funding or

help and everything I did was through my own pocket because it was something I believed in

and is something I believe in even stronger up to this day.

Being an engineer helped with the funding because it pays very well.



Why Now?


After leaving FTP Radio and Unholy Terror Network, with the exception of the website

still functioning, I thought what is the point?

I was thinking “what is the point” from 2010 right up until the autumn of 2016.

Sooo…. Fast forward…Over the last few months I have had contact with probably 12-15 Police Officers

and I have come to realise something quite remarkable.

My one question that I have kept playing over and over and over in my mind with every single one

of these Police Officers has literally been “How the holy fuck did you get this job?”  

When talking to these individuals, it was like conversing with the Stepford Wives.                                                                          

The only explanation for this national and international phenomenon is that the Government and Police Recruitment Office are intentionally employing non-thinking, non-challenging,

go along to get along individuals with very little or zero initiative.

They are actively sourcing individuals who will do the job and not ask too many questions.

Police cuts are in force because the Police Force has very little intention of protecting

the public or very serious crime.   They are recruiting the go along to get along Police Officer,

and those who show balls and initiative are being hung out to dry.

The crime figures are cooked up to make the stats look good.  

The crimes that are added to the stats are things like false accusations, cyber and facebook

crimes aka hate crimes or crimes interpreted as hate crimes.

Being drunk or sleeping on the pavement, disorderly conduct etc., this is the bullshit

that goes into the stats so that these corrupt officials and over paid lap dogs

can give themselves a constant pat on the back.

Let’s understand one thing, the main stream media is part of this active conspiracy

and destruction of our children and youth, otherwise it can never come to fruition.

The UK is one of the smallest countries in the world but it has one of the highest

rate of child disappearance in the world.


How is this possible??


How is it possible for thousands of children within the UK and millions around the

world to go missing and there is no trace of them to be found….. ever?

No corpse or remains??   People do not simply vanish without a trace,

Madeleine McCann is a more well-known prime example.

If my cause was to be actively involved and be a supply chain of children to politicians,

wealthy, royalty etc., what would I personally do??


1.  Infiltrate every part of government, child protection services  etc.


2.  Infiltrate the Police Force and every crime agency, courts, judges etc.


3.  Mix match my associates with street gangs , pimps and the civil services


4.  Set up multiple children’s charities


5.  Employ non-thinking, simpleton men and women to NOT carry out law enforcement


6.  Definitely infiltrate all hospitals, clinics


7.  Infiltrate religious sectors within the operating cities and towns


8.  Have a network of drug dealers and an import structure in place to supply drugs on the

street to weaken and break down the youngsters and make shit loads of cash to circulate

between all the paid off agencies and organisations.


9.  Infiltrate the academia institutes of not only the UK but the World.




What Now?


Now we move forward even stronger.

There are a good plenty of individuals out there willing to bite the proverbial bullet and

take a chance in protecting and fighting for children and youngsters who are groomed as pieces

of meat for these sick sons of bitches to carry out unimaginable acts on the defenceless.

We cannot as a human race regardless of your religion or non-religion, race, gender etc.

sit back and let these wolf packs eat and destroy our young.

The situation in this particular area is probably a thousand fold

worse than when I first hit on this back in 2009.

This is not about looking good or clever or being anti-establishment.

This is about The Good Of Man Kind vs The Evil Of Man Kind.

These people are splitting the world into manageable sections and organising chaos in every corner,

diverting our attentions against each other while they slowly take over and increase laws for

Joe public while they themselves are not subject to the law.

Those charged to enforce the law are nothing more than Civil Service thugs who are

employed to do nothing more than protect the insatiable blood lust, corrupt, heinous,

pernicious, deleterious actions of these gutless wonders who undertake these acts in

the name of those who have vowed to destroy and annihilate

        the good in mankind to its very core.





Since 2009 until this year the situation is unattainable, but we have to try.

The sick acts these people inflict will become more perverse and nefarious because the

human mind eventually becomes desensitised and will eventually crave more

heinous deleterious methods to fulfil the craving.

If the ritual involves human sacrifice, consuming human flesh and the drinking of

child and animal blood, what would be the next step to curb this craving?


Evil will flourish when good people do nothing.

We have to try, we must try!